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Camera System

We use the FLIR ThermaCam T400 Series. The best in Infared Camera System which produces razor-sharp images.

Save Money

Thermal Imaging Inspections are an accurate and reliable method of preventing equipment damage or catastrophic failure.  Inspection requires no downtime and can, in fact should, be done during normal operating conditions.


A detailed report with photos and recommendations will be provided.

thermal imaging inspections


We recommend that you check with your insurance provider, NFPA, manufacturer’s requirements, etc. for recommended inspection intervals.

save money

By investing in Thermal Imaging Inspections, you can reduce down time and costly repair expenses by finding potential problems before they turn catastrophic.

Potential Problem    
Pinpoint potential problems in:    
  • Overhead circuits
  • Distrubution Boards
  • Missing Insulation
  • Water Intrusions
  • Transformers
  • Load Imbalances
  • Press bushings
  • Fuses
  • Motors
  • Clutch / Brakes
  • Switches
  • Bus Bars
  • Overloads
  • Press Gibs
  • Loose contacts
  • Corroded leads


See below for examples of potential problems.