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We can provide the experience, technical support, and service that your switchgear and other facilities need.  Being a full service provider with over 20 years experience in switchgear, industrial, and facilities maintenance, we can provide inspection and service, per your manufacturer, insurance carrier, NFPA, or other organizational requirements.

switchgear preventative maintenance

Operating Condition

To keep your electrical system and equipment in good, safe
working condition, the environment they are enclosed in should be inspected periodically.

Dust, dirt, rodent or insect nests, moisture, extreme weather conditions, fumes, etc. can cause abnormal switchgear operating conditions


Arc Flash

If you have an Arc Flash study completed at your facility and have issues that need to be addressed, we can help. Along with upgrading your facilities, we can upgrade your switchgear with
glass ports, etc.


Thermal Imaging Inspections

Save money today and keep your production lines and facilities up and running.

With just one call we can handle your switchgear preventative maintenance needs, or provide a Thermal Imaging Inspection.

We use the latest FLIR ThermalCAM T400 series camera to help find "hot spots"