additional services


Emergency 24-7 Service
Our goal is to have one of our Project Managers or Technicians at our facility during working hours for troubleshooting, problem solving, and technical assistance

Our established customers will receive Project Managers contact information for emergencies.

Equipment Relocation

If you are looking at equipment to purchase, or if you plan to relocate equipment within your plant or to a different location, we can document, disconnect, reconnect, provide start up and training services, to get you up and going quickly. Our knowledgeable Project Managers will save you money and time. We can also recommend from our network of preferred service providers, mechanical repair, trucking and rigging suppliers.

Plastic Machinery

Put our knowledge in Plastic bottle and injection molding equipment to work for you. If you need to re-control, troubleshooting or moving equipment, give us a call.

Special Equipment

We can also provide a team of suppliers to design, build, and install high quality equipment to fit your specific needs. The teams can provide vision systems, precision measuring devices, automatic machinery, tooling, and fixtures.

additional services

  Above: Training employees on Arc Flash

Conduit and Pipe Installation

Complete service for installing conduit and pipe for offices or entire plants. Our lines will be installed straight and true providing you with a great looking plant that everyone can be proud of.


Generator Installation

Our qualified Staff will assist you in determining the proper size and system needs. Damage to your system can result from a system that is not properly installed.  


Conveyors Systems

If the controls are obsolete on your conveyor systems, we can upgrade them and keep you running.  If you wish to replace your conveyor system, we work with various OEM’s and can supply the system you need.

Manual load and test stations System modified for automatic unload, test and load.

Casting Machinery

We are experienced with re-controlling, troubleshooting and upgrading casting equipment.

Fire and Security Systems

We can provide and install fire
protection and security systems.


If you have a robotic cell that you need to move or install, we can integrate and install it for you. We can also provide a team of suppliers to find the right robot for you, and provide complete process design, development, engineering, tooling and fixtures, safeguarding, electrical integration and relocation.

Industrial Pump Stations

Panel building and installation of Industrial Pump Stations